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ISO hydraulic fluid

Green Marine ISO 32 hydraulic fluid is a non-toxic, biodegradable, high performance, environmentally responsible alternative to conventional hydraulic fluid. This hydraulic fluid was specifically designed to perform in rugged marine systems, both freshwater and saltwater, that demand anti-ware, anti-rust, anti-oxidation and demulsibility. In the event of a leak or spill, Green Marine provides complete biodegradation in 28 days causing no harmful effect to marine life. Green Marine: – Exceeds synthetic performance levels – Improves thermal sheer stability – Increases load capacity – Conserves Energy Green Marine is the preferred hydraulic fluid for all Power-Pole hydraulic anchor systems. Using Green Marine in your hydraulic marine systems can extend the life of your equipment and the marine life where you fish.

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Directions for ISO-32 Hydraulic Fluid

Green Marine ISO 32 is 100% compatible with traditional hydraulic fluids. Green Marine ISO 32 is designed for use in Power‐Pole® systems, trim tabs, jack plates, hatch lifters, inboard/outboard tilt & trim and more. For new systems just add the proper amount of Green Marine specified by the manufacturer. For existing systems – drain old petroleum‐based fluid, purge components, and then add the proper amount of Green Marine according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Cycle several times. Your system will be about 95% green at this time. Repeat the draining, purging and refilling process to achieve a 99.9% green system. Dispose of old fluid in a responsible and legal manner – recycle if possible.

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